All Videos about Rain Bi (as known as Jung Ji Hoon)

There are so many video links on the Internet that are about our Rain Bi.

I’ve been finding and adding video links that are my favorites. Still a lot videos to be discovered >_<

I’m too lazy to write down all those videos I found, so I put them all to playlists on YouTube. The playlist can be updated later.

Note: I did arrange the videos by time (not so exactly though). So watch from the very 1st to the last 😉


[Playlist] Hottest performances of his

[Playlist] Concerts

[Playlist] Official MVs


[Playlist] Full House (NGs, Making of HF, his birthday being celebrated ^^)


[Playlist] MVs from his music

[Playlist] MVs from his movies/ dramas


[Playlist] Rain’s interviews

[Playlist] More of Rain (if you have time :D)


About ROR

Fan of singers: Rain, Justin Bieber, BIGBANG; Actors: Jung Ji Hoon, Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Jong Suk, Yoo Ah In; Interests: Mini games, otome games, anime, Japanese, Kdrama; Personalities:... nothing special :)
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