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Bi: My music is a combination of different styles. I don’t stick to any particular style or genre. My music is for everyone – people of all ages from children to adults to even the elderly. If it’s possible, I would like to create music that older people can enjoy – not just the younger people.

The last time I was acting, I was also preparing for my second album. During those three months, I probably averaged an hour of sleep a night. At the moment, I’m just focused on what’s ahead of me.
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Videos about Rain Bi on Dailymotion

I will spend sometime to upload¬†these videos on YouTube since it’s faster to load videos.

Channel that has a lot of Rain videos

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All Videos about Rain Bi (as known as Jung Ji Hoon)

There are so many video links on the Internet that are about our Rain Bi.

I’ve been finding and adding video links that are my favorites. Still a lot videos to be discovered >_<

I’m too lazy to write down all those videos I found, so I put them all to playlists on YouTube. The playlist can be updated later.
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